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Neutron Soft Foam Ear plugs with Travel Case - 38dB SNR - 60 Pairs


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Designed to block out loud noises in different environments

Disruptive noises can be damaging to our daily activities and well being. Luckily we can prevent hearing loss by protecting our eardrums from these high decibel sounds. Neutron Earplugs are a great choice for comfortability, solid noise reduction.

lightweight travel case for earplugs

Escape the Noisy World

Neutron 38dB Ear Plugs will help enter nirvana of peace wherever you are. Whether you have a partner who snores every night or you want to block out the everyday construction noises that disrupt your peace. We have he solution for you.

Sleep peacefully at night without any disturbance from load noise

Neutron earplugs fit tightly into the ear canal. The foam expands once inside preventing the earplugs from falling out. Effectively reduces loud noise while sleeping, studying, working. Frequently used at sports events, construction sites and shooting ranges.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 263 reviews
    Jon Gen
    Best value for money & quality

    I’ve been playing around with earplugs for a while given my room backs onto an A-road. These are by far and wide the best ear plugs I have used, comfortable, durable for re-use but most of all the noise cancellation is clear of any alternative I have tried. The only issue is they sometimes fall out in the night, but that’s something you get with all I’ve tried. Very happy, and was surprised at the volume of ear buds provided.

    Zoe White
    Peaceful Night's or Day's Sleep

    Very comfortable earplugs. Must be good, I am on my third pack. The eye mask comes in very handy when sleeping during the day.

    Festim Micaj

    I’ve been using these earplugs from Neutron for a few weeks now and I’m really happy with the product, they actually work and fit into my ear canal perfectly.I’ve used earplugs from other brands such as Mpow and I was really disappointed with them as half of the ear plugs were just too rigid and wouldn’t even fit into my ear canal properly and had to discard them which was a waste of money.The earplugs from Neutron are really good quality and I’ve not had any issues with any of the earplugs. Highly recommended.Ps: remember to hold the ear plugs once they’re in your ear canal for a minimum of 45 seconds so that it moulds into and fits comfortably inside your ear canal.

    Great earplugs!

    Love these earplugs. They are great value for money. I love that you get a little container to put the pair that you are currently using in. They also came with a eye sleep mask which I wasn’t expecting. Very comfortable and I will purchase again once I eventually use them all!

    Heliski x
    Soft and Comfortable !

    They are comfortable if inserted properly. The size is longer than other product but does not cause itchy feelings as my old type of earplugs on the photo . As plenty of them , I am having new habits to dispose them to keep my hygiene better . The noise cancellation might not be super strong as expected but soft and comfortable to wear them fit a long time.