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Neutron Soft Foam Ear plugs with Travel Case - 38dB SNR - 60 Pairs

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Designed to block out loud noises in different environments

Disruptive noises can be damaging to our daily activities and well being. Luckily we can prevent hearing loss by protecting our eardrums from these high decibel sounds. Neutron Earplugs are a great choice for comfortability, solid noise reduction.

lightweight travel case for earplugs

Escape the Noisy World

Neutron 38dB Ear Plugs will help enter nirvana of peace wherever you are. Whether you have a partner who snores every night or you want to block out the everyday construction noises that disrupt your peace. We have he solution for you.

Sleep peacefully at night without any disturbance from load noise

Neutron earplugs fit tightly into the ear canal. The foam expands once inside preventing the earplugs from falling out. Effectively reduces loud noise while sleeping, studying, working. Frequently used at sports events, construction sites and shooting ranges.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 263 reviews
    The Best Ear Plugs on the market

    I have been using ear plugs at night for the last 18 years because of ultra sensitive hearing….. a year ago I discovered neutronzone! Hand on heart I can say these are the best ear plugs on the market, soft and comfortable, so easy to insert in the ear. They are great value for money and in large quantity, I never have to worry about running out!
    Highly recommend these.

    Jade Shaw
    Ear plugs


    P. Smith
    Absolute rubbish!

    Very fiddly to put in and, when in, uncomfortable and virtually useless.A total waste of money.

    king leonidus
    Oh my Sanity!

    I originally thought these were useless until I saw a review by someone else saying you have to pinch the foam to shrink it down. That combined with pulling your ear up and really SHOVING it in your ear (doesn't go past the bend so don't worry about it getting stuck - I always make sure I can feel a pinchable end to pull it out). Then hold them in for about 30 seconds.But sweet baby patuna! I have loud pipes in my flat and I can really hear when people are done with their business - but WOW! I actually cannot hear anything right now!It's crazy. It's also not too uncomfortable to have in for long periods of times - I usually have them in for hours at a time (they are noticeably wedged in) whilst I'm studying and I found it has helped my focus tonnes!Definitely recommended for anyone our there that want peace and quiet.Ooh - the best part is that if you have overear headphones then you can put the volume up higher and it isolates the outside noise but you can hear headphone stuff (like lectures =P).

    Neutron Customer
    Better sleep

    Sleeping much better very good product