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Neutron X9 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass for iPhone, Android, Laptop & Computers


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  • THE WIRELESS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR: The Neutron X9 is the perfect wireless Bluetooth speaker to get crystal clear sound wherever you go. It’s sleek, not clunky. It’s the right size, not oversized. Connects instantly with your iPhone, Android, laptop or computer to listen to what you want fast.
  • PACKS UNBEATABLE 360° SOUND: Enjoy big bass and crisp sound that can fill up any space - perfect for the kitchen, dorm room, car, bathroom, and your next party. It even delivers lifelike audio outdoors - perfect for camping trips, cookouts, or washing your car. Sync up Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or your favorite podcast and hear every word with no distortion. 
  • ULTRA PORTABLE & WATERPROOF: The compact size and convenient braided loop make it refreshingly easy to get quality sound on the go. Traveling, hiking, biking, it’s super light and can easily fit in your backpack or bag. Plus, the IPX5-rated waterproof design lets you jam out in the shower or put on your go-to tunes by the pool.
  • AMAZING BATTERY LIFE: You don’t have to worry about charging this speaker multiple times a day. It lasts up to 18 hours and only takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged! You can even see the battery life on your smartphone or device when its synced up. On top of that, it offers hands-free calling and can pair up with another speaker for twice the range. 
  • THE BEST VALUE: There are a lot of speakers out there, but if you want a well-designed, durable speaker at a price you won’t find anywhere else, then the Neutron X9 Portable Speaker is a no-brainer. We’re so confident you’ll love it that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year free replacement guarantee.


    Enhanced bass bluetooth speaker Portable bluetooth speaker 10+ hours of battery life

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 91 reviews
    Does what it says on the tin!

    Impressive portable speaker. Decent volume output and clarity. Not 100% sure on battery life as it hasnt run out yet but hasn't been used for hours on end either.Most definitely waterproof as works in the shower repeatedly.

    Philip Stevenson
    Brilliant Sound

    A fantastic speaker, small but very powerful and extremely loud.Sound is crisp and clearer and you'll be amazed and the volume.Simple to connect via Bluetooth or Aux.USB and Aux cable included, sockets hidden away at the back of the speaker.Battery life is excellent and recharge time is quick.An excellent speaker especially for travel and on the go use.

    George Athanasopoulos
    Just perfect

    5 stars for a very good quality speaker.The best bass and low frequency I've heard from a bluetooth speaker.Its design is minimal and nice, its buttons are robust and high quality.

    Highly recommended worth the price

    Very powerful compact Bluetooth speaker , deep bass very loud clear and clean sound. Long battery life easy and fast to pair with any Bluetooth source or jack 3.5mm

    Ohhhhh the bass!

    I was looking for a new shower speaker as the one we had the battery was needing charger daily. After a lot of decisions, I chose this one based on its looks and small size.

    It measures approximately 11cm high so is small in size. However, it must be all speaker because it gives off a mighty big sound! The bass is plentiful; but not too much. Every beat and note can be heard crystal clear on this little speaker.

    Has held up just fine in the shower being splashed as it’s waterproof. It fills the bathroom with sound. The controls for volume and skipping songs stick out a little bit so you can adjust it all without even looking at the speaker.

    It also has a handy feature of showing the remaining battery life on my iPhone, so I know when it needs charged. It also emits a beep every few minutes when it’s needing charged up too.

    Very compact design, and ideal for showers, baths, gardening, outdoor fun, camping and so much more!